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Dream Voyage


I dreamt you

Confessed having fish ancestry

Like a Lovecraftian character

Except you are lovely and alluring


Kept your hair short

So the soft, pink gills

On the back of your neck

Could breathe freely


Under moonlight

You were luminescent

As a school of lantern fish

I drew your silver aura close

We made love in the dunes

Like tropic winds buffet

A clippers’ sails


My parents forbid our love

Revealing the family secret

Fish people too in our DNA

Our children

Would be cursed and shunned


So we returned in the full moon

Returned to the roiling sea

Clasped hands turning to flippers

Diving to our origins


Returned to what we were

Pisces in current flow

Tasting the salt of creation

While the Blue Whale’s heart

Vibrated the deep, cool bed

Of our ocean being

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